Live Music from June until October 2017

Our live music schedule for the coming weeks is shown below. This however may be subject to change but you can keep up with any changes on our Facebook page

Entertainment starts during the evening from 8.30pm


Thursday 3rd Georgie O’Neill
Friday 4th Johnny G
Saturday 5th Vicki Reid
Sunday 6th Sam Oliver

Thursday 10th Georgie O’Neill
Friday 11th Mandy Lovett
Saturday 12th Vicki Reid
Sunday 13th Laura Carter

Wednesday 16th Debra Stacey

Thursday 17th Georgie O’Neill
Friday 18th Johnny G
Saturday 19th Vicki Reid
Sunday 20th Sam Oliver

Wednesday 23rd Debra Stacey

Thursday 24th Georgie O’Neill

Friday 25th Laura Carter
Saturday 26th Vicki Reid
Sunday 27th Zoe Louise

Wednesday 30th Debra Stacey

Thursday 31st Georgie O’Neill


Friday 1st Johnny G
Saturday 2nd Vicki Reid
Sunday 3rd Laura Carter

Monday 4th Gary Sax
Tuesday 5th Laura Oldfield
Wednesday 6th Laura Carter
Thursday 7th Georgie O’Neill
Friday 8th Johnny G
Saturday 9th Vicki Reid
Sunday 10th Laura Carter

Monday 11th Zoe Louise
Tuesday 12th Laura Oldfield
Wednesday 13th Laura Carter
Thursday 14th Georgie O’Neill
Friday 15th Johnny G
Saturday 16th Vicki Reid
Sunday 17th Sam Oliver

Monday 18th Debra Stacey
Tuesday 19th Laura Oldfield
Wednesday 20th Laura Carter
Thursday 21st Georgie O’Neill
Friday 22nd Johnny G
Saturday 23rd Vicki Reid
Sunday 24th Mandy Lovett

Monday 25th Zoe Louise
Tuesday 26th Laura Oldfield
Wednesday 27th Laura Carter
Thursday 28th Georgie O’Neill
Friday 29th Johnny G
Saturday 30th Debra Stacey


Sunday 1st Laura Carter
Monday 2nd Zoe Louise
Tuesday 3rd Laura Oldfield
Wednesday 4th Gary Sax
Thursday 5th Georgie O’Neill
Friday 6th Johnny G
Saturday 7th Vicki Reid
Sunday 8th Laura Carter
Monday 9th Gary Sax
Tuesday 10th Laura Oldfield
Wednesday 11th Laura Carter
Thursday 12th Georgie
Friday 13th Johnny G
Saturday 14th Vicki Reid
Sunday 15th Laura Carter
Monday 16th Gary Sax
Tuesday 17th Laura Oldfield
Wednesday 18th Laura Carter
Thursday 19th Georgie O’Neill
Friday 20th Johnny G
Saturday 21st Vicki Reid
Sunday 22nd Sam Oliver
Monday 23rd Gary Sax
Tuesday 24th Laura Oldfield
Wednesday 25th Laura Carter
Thursday 26th Georgie O’Neill
Friday 27th Johnny G
Saturday 28th Vicki Reid
Sunday 29th Mandy Lovett
Monday 30th Zoe Louise
Tuesday 31st Laura Oldfield